IIS express combined with Visual Studio community 2015 is very slow


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After Visual studio as been installed, doing some tests works at the begining, but at one point, it becomes very slow to the point that the site does not open any more on the developper machine.

A while ago, the files would even beupdated at some point. This is very bizard !

A search did not provided any responses that was able to fix the problem. Any one knows of any known issues ?

If the community edition does not work so good, maybe its not even worth it to move the commercial edition, but to change the developpement technology 😛

We can’t even find where to get paid support from Microsft…

hank you for the help.

Some informations:
– Visual Studio Community Edition 2015
– Windows 10
– Default IIS Express instalation
– the free default edition de SQL Server.
– asp.net mvc application

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