Create extended anonymous class for Abstract class in TypeScript


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I have abstract class which has few implemented protected methods and few abstract methods.
I am trying to write some tests for the protected methods.

Since these are not available even in the extended classes to outside world, I would like to create anonymous Test class which can extend and verify/mock my stuff.

export abstract class AbsClass implements AbsInterface {

    protected extract(filter: string) {
    //some implemented code to test

    abstract someMethod();

I am not able to figure out how to create something like this anonymously

export class TestClass extends AbsClass {
   public testExtract(){
        //call super.extract and verify result
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    December 6, 2016 at 2:04 pm

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    I’ve run into this before. It seems like the export/abstract keywords interfere with each other. I’ve had to define the class and then export on a separate line to get around this.


    abstract class BaseClass {}
    export default BaseClass
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